Living Waters Lutheran Church
 An Oasis of Prayer, Belonging and Service.

Mission Plan - Phase 1

(January 2013 - Fall 2014)

 The members of Living Waters approved moving forward with a Mission Plan at the the annual meeting in January 2013.

Below are the four fields with opportunity for growth:


Mission Statement:

Marked by the cross of Christ forever,
we are Living Waters: An Oasis of
Prayer, Belonging and Service.

We are actively working on a Strategic Plan to support our Mission.

Young Adults

Leader: Caitlyn Schmit

Members: Stephanie Thorstad

 Reach out to all young adults 21 and over.

Mission Territory

Leader: TBD

Members: Ted Erkenbrack, Amy Mulawa

 Focusing on outreach in areas with the greatest potential for growth.

Centerville, Hugo, Northern White Bear, Lino Lakes

Families of all kinds,

People of all abilities

Leader: Joel Carlson

Co-Leader: Joni Vanselow

Members: Joyce Williams, Paul Alexander

 Seeking to provide hospitality to all people.

Capital Campaign

Leader: Mark Knudson

Co-Leader: David Tiede

 Ensuring sustainability for the long-term needs of the congregation.

Strategic Action Team

Pastor Kathryn

Mark Knudson

Dan Wendt

Susan Puskas

Amy Faymoville

Anna Schroder Howitz

 We have also established a Strategic Action Team to help in the organization of this project. The purpose of the Strategic Action Team is to help with project management, communication to the congregation, aid in collaboration between the mission teams, council and existing ministries at Living waters. They will also provide on-going support to the various mission teams as needs arise.

Mission Planning Update - March 2013

We are excited to see our Mission Plan start to grow!

The seeds have been planted and the four teams are beginning to form.

We held an initial “Kick-Off” meeting for the Leaders/Co-Leaders of the teams on February 12th.


Next steps are for the 4 teams to hold their individual team kick-off meetings and begin their planning process.  Each of the teams will determine what goals they want to accomplish in this first phase. These ideas will be presented to the Mission Guiding Team, Church Council and the Capital Campaign Team.


The Young Adult team had their Kick-Off meeting on February 16. The Families of all kinds, People of all abilities are scheduled to hold their Kick-Off meeting on March 5.  The Mission Territory Team is still looking for a Leader/Co-Leader. The Capital Campaign Team is tentatively scheduled to begin their work in April/May, after the other three teams have developed their mission plans.


There is still time to participate in the planning process. People who are interested in joining these teams are encouraged to contact the Project Leaders/Co-Leaders directly, or a member of the Mission Guiding Team if you have questions.

Strategic Planning Update - Fall 2014

We are now referring to our Mission Planning process as Strategic Planning.

Various Writing Team were formed over the summer around the 7 initiatives.

These initiatives were a result of both congregational survey, along with individual and group interviews.

These 7 drafts will now be consolidated in 1 plan to present to the congregation at the annual meeting in 2015.

Strategic Planning Update - January 2015

As we begin to roll out our new Strategic Plan, we are seeking volunteers who are

passionate about how we move forward with the following priorities and initiatives:

Mission Planning Update - June 2015

June 7, the congregation voted and approved the new council structure along with new members of the council to align with the new Strategic Plan.

Initiative teams began forming over the summer months and are currently having discussions about determining priorities around each initiative.

We welcome and encourage members to get involved with

whichever initiative you feel most connected with.